Hadley’s Art Prize 2019

2019 Hadley’s Art Prize exhibition and events, photos by Jessica King

Meet our 2019 Judges

2019 Judges (left to right) Susan McCulloch OAM,
Jane Clark,
Raymond Arnold

The 2019 Winner

Carbiene McDonald Tjangala
Four Dreamings

Judges’ comments

The innovation in painting is impressive. The winning work exemplifies confidence, power and subtle poetry through the quality of shimmer. This shimmer harks back to paintings of his forebears, painted in a completely new and unique way. The intensity of light is like a mirage; it’s blinding and mesmerising. While being deep-rooted in a particular place, this artwork would stand up in the company of any art. The specialness of the texture of the surface is incredibly powerful and beyond translation into any digital reproduction. You really have to see this work in person.

2019 Finalists