Hadley’s Art Prize 2019

Meet our 2019 Judges

2019 Judges (left to right): Jane Clark,
Raymond Arnold,
Susan McCulloch OAM

2019 Hadley’s Art Prize Finalists

John Anderson, On the Southern Coast

Alexander Beech, Vulnerability VIII, Fingal Valley

Ngamaru Bidu, Wantili

Joe Blundell, Corhanwarrabul, that one spot

Denise Brady, Kamiku Tjukurpa Iritinguru

Andrew Browne, A landscape with hoarding (the five points)

Tim Burns, Shoreline

Wawiriya Burton, Ngayuku Ngura (My Country)

Faridah Cameron, Sky song

Susanna Castleden, Assembling parts for a bigger picture (part A)

Timothy Coad, Beneath the Sticks

Timothy Cook, Kulama

Nicola Dickson, Westall’s Entrance of Port Lincoln 1802

Kylie Elkington, Native

Neil Haddon, Our Rocky Shore

Nigel Hewitt, Understory

Amanda Johnson, Colonial Heat: Warming time

Sylvia Ken, Seven Sisters

Fiona Lowry, It is night with glaring sunshine

Louise Malarvie, Nyabal Nyabal

Robyn Mayo, Mourning for Tasmania’s Central Plateau

Carbiene McDonald Tjangala, Four Dreamings

Danie Mellor, Landspace (shaping of memory)

Betty Pula Morton, My Country and Bush Medicine

Tony Smibert, Tao Sublime 5

Melissa Smith, Passing Thoughts – Lake Sorell

Valerie Sparks, Crossing

Emma Theyers, Untitled (Manifestation 1)

Mary Tonkin, Plunge in, Kalorama 2019

Megan Walch, Land of Fire and Flood

Thornton Walker, Composition with the sea and rolling hills

Ben Ward, Yardanggarlm (Dingo Springs)

Philip Wolfhagen, Approaching the cusp

The winner will be announced on Friday 19 July at the exhibition opening at Hadley’s Orient Hotel.

The finalists’ exhibition will continue at Hadley’s Orient Hotel until 18 August 2019.

Click here to learn more about visiting this year’s exhibition.